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Properly Fitting A Helmet

New helmets include directions explaining how to adjust the straps and retention system for a perfect fit. It's a good idea to put these in a safe spot so you have them when adjustment fine-tuning is required. If you lose your directions, bring your helmet in and we'll show you how to adjust it.

Adjusting Straps
It takes some experimentation to find strap adjustments that are comfortable while riding. You don't want them cutting off circulation, chafing your face or pressing on your ears. Usually, if you adjust them snug when the helmet is sitting on your head, they'll be comfortable when you're riding. You'll know right away if they're too tight.

Get The Buckles Right, Too
Buckle placement is important. Keep the chin buckle forward enough so that it doesn't chafe against your neck when you lower your head. The side buckles should rest just beneath your earlobes.

A properly fit helmet is super safe and comfortable!

Protect Your Forehead And Face
Probably the trickiest thing is keeping the helmet sitting squarely on the head. This is crucial because if it's tipped back (the most common mistake), your face will be exposed and unprotected in a fall, which is extremely dangerous. Getting the helmet to sit right on the head requires experimenting with the relationship between the front and rear straps. If the helmet tips rearward, you can usually move it forward by shortening the front straps and lengthening the rear straps. This is accomplished by loosening the side buckles, sliding the straps in the appropriate direction, cinching the buckles and taking up any slack in the chin buckle.

Ask For Help
This sounds complicated because it is. And, it's crucial to get it right for your safety. If you're not sure if your helmet is set up safely or have any questions about fit, please come in and ask. We want you to be as safe as possible.

Safe Biking

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